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The FAA has recently published its final report on the 3-year wood smoke reduction project that it carried out in The Hills Shire in the north west of metropolitan Sydney.  The project was successful in achieving its aim, which was to provide c...

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In his annual report, delivered during the 2015 AGM, Vice President Anthony Wilson outlined the major activities of the FAA over the past year and discussed the future administration of the association. To read the vice president's 2015 report Read more


Ever wished that your chainsaw had a bit more grunt.  Well the team at Whitlands Engineering have just the answer for you – a V8 powered chainsaw.  By direct coupling a 1 metre, ¾ pitch harvester bar to a 253 c...

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Probably the main cause of disputes between wood retailers and wholesale suppliers is the amount of unsellable material such as fines, dirt and bark they get in bulk deliveries. While a certain amount of fines and dirt is generally accepted as being...

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Our friends over at the Australian Home Heating Association (AHHA) have set up a new certified wood heater web site This new web site contains a comprehensive list...

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