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FAA certification scheme ends

At a meeting of FAA members on the 16th March 2011 it was decided to suspend operation of the FAA Certification Scheme.  This was the inevitable consequence of the premature cessation of federal government funding support for the Certification Scheme.  The costs of operating the third party certification scheme were not sustainable from member fees alone.  This change will not have any noticeable effect for consumers because compliance to the Code of Practice is now a mandated condition of membership in the association.  This means that customers can be confident that wood purchased from FAA members will be harvested legally and sustainably, will be adequately seasoned and will be correctly measured.  Failure to comply with the Code will result in immediate suspension of FAA membership.  FAA members can be identified by the distinctive flaming log logo and will use the term "Sustainable Firewood" to describe their product. The Purposes of the Association have been altered to reflect this change to the operation of the FAA.  A full copy of the new Rules can be downloaded here.

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