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Smartburn promotion fires up

Over the last 6 months FAA Affiliate member SmartBurn has been actively preparing new marketing products and sales support.  These marketing initiatives include;

1. 7 Reasons to Use a SmartBurn in your Wood Fire sales and training tool

2. Personalised SmartBurn flyers for in-store use

 3. Shelf Talkers (4 versions) to promote SmartBurn at store level

4. How to use SmartBurn/ Frequently asked questions document (document packaged in each SmartBurn device)

5. SmartBurn counter display box (see picture)

 6. Pamphlet for consumers on using their wood heater efficiently for maximum heat and minimum pollution

7. Gold labels on the product boxes to display our Eco Friendly Awards

8. New Smart Burn website

9. Working with Councils for product endorsement

 10. SmartBurn Reseller Support Kit CD

11. New Television Advertisement (currently airing in Tasmania/WA/VIC/NSW)

 12. SmartBurn Newspaper Advertisements

The FAA is currently involved in a project being led by Professor Don Hine of the University of New England (UNE), which is assessing the effectiveness of SmartBurn in reducing wood smoke emissions, independent of any other action taken by the user, such as correct operation of the heater. Results from a randomised field trail conducted by the UNE research team in 2008 indicate that households using the SmartBurn device emitted significantly less visible smoke than households not using the device. A paper describing this study is soon to be published in Journal of Environmental Psychology. A second intervention study assessing the combined effectiveness of SmartBurn and education in reducing smoke from heavy emitting households is currently underway.

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