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New Congratulations flyer now available

A new version of the popular “Congratulations” DL Flyer can now be ordered from the FAA. Although the major messages of the flyer have not changed, minor revisions were necessary to reflect the recent changes to the structure of the FAA.  One side of the flyer briefly explains what the Code of Practice is and what the FAA does.  The other side congratulates firewood customers for using greenhouse friendly firewood to heat their homes instead of fossil fuels.

The messages on the flyer, which are short and simple, are meant to be read by wood users to make them ambassadors for our industry.  Most people don’t need to be given the detail, just the good news story in a few words.  Importantly, wood users need to understand that they are doing the right thing by the environment and have no need to feel guilty about enjoying their wood fires.

The flyers can be purchased from the FAA for $44.00 per thousand.  Just contact the FAA by e-mail or by phone 1300 131 481 to obtain your supply before the next wood season starts.

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