Retail Firewood Suppliers - Western Australia

If you want to buy sustainable firewood and your local supplier is not on this list, ask them to contact the FAA on 1300 131 481.

Supply Region
Products & Services
234 Kelvin Rd, Orange Grove, WA, 6109
08 9459 7666
Perth metro and surrounding area.
Split Jarrah. Retail supplier of bulk and bagged firewood. Wholesale supply of bagged wood.
216 South Western Highway Bunbury WA 6230
08 9725 6440
Delivery anywhere or pick up at our yard. Free trailer use available.
Split seasoned Jarrah firewood. Jarrah and Pine kindling.
19 Cort Way, Rockingham WA 6168
0427 991 039
Perth to Bunbury.
Bagged and bulk dry split Jarrah. Plantation grown firewood (Sugar Gum). Bagged lump charcoal. Mulch and Soils now available.
31 Utley Rd, Serpentine, WA, 6125
0419 843 937
Delivery available in Serpentine-Jarrahdale Shire and surrounding areas.
Split dry Eastern State species firewood. All plantation grown. Verandah posts suitable for use in fire prone areas. Wooden flagpoles. Small camp fire round wood.