Wholesale Firewood Suppliers - South Australia

If you want to buy sustainable firewood and your local supplier is not on this list, ask them to contact the FAA on 1300 131 481.

Supply Region
Products & Services
Azariah Pastoral
227 Inman Valley Road, Back Valley South Australia 5211, Australia
0410 997 588
South Australia, Adelaide, Victor Harbour
South Australian wholesale supplier of plantation harvested blue gum & sugar gum.
15-21 Hall Street, Hawthorn East Victoria 3123, Australia
1300 385 866
Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales
Bagged Red Gum Firewood & Kindling, Bulk Firewood
East Barham Rd, Barham, NSW 2732
0428 507 249
Victoria and South Australia
Wholesale supply and delivery of block Red Gum and plantation grown Blue Gum
Enviro Solutions Group Pty Ltd
38 Fastnet Drive, Taylors Lakes Victoria 3038, Australia
1300 136 800
South Australia, Victoria & NSW
Wholesale supplier of bagged plantation grown firewood and kindling.
Fletcher Bros.
32 Post Office Lane Dundonnell Vic. 3271
0435 046 675
Delivery arranged to Melbourne, Adelaide and regional Victoria and South Australia
Split seasoned and unseasoned plantation grown Sugar Gum
East Barham Rd, Barham, NSW 2732
0427 185 105
Pick up just five minutes from Barham NSW with fast turnaround. Certified weighbridge on site. Delivery available. All weather access.
Wholesale supply of high quality Red Gum firewood. DRY & CLEAN
Wattle Road, Meadows, SA 5201
0429 160 140
South Australia.
Red Gum.
East Barham Rd Barham NSW 2732
03 5453 2905
Victoria, South Australia & Southern NSW
Major supplier of Red Gum firewood. Certified weighbridge on site. Pick up at Barham. Delivery by arrangement.
710 Dhuragoon Road, Dhuragoon, NSW 2733
0408 888 064
Pick up at Moulamein. Delivery can be arranged.
Bulk supplier of split seasoned Red Gum
RN & CA Taylor
Wyreema, Sturt Hwy Hay NSW 2711
02 6993 2296
Wholesale Melbourne, regional city and rural Vic. Pickup preferred,deliveries can be arranged. Retail deliveries to Hay region.
Seasoned Redgum
TRT Pastoral Group
Oxley Rd Oxley NSW 2711
0427 888 898
Pick up from Juanbung Station, Oxley NSW. Supplying retail outlets in South Australia, Victoria and NSW.
Bulk producer of seasoned mature Red Gum. Split wood or rounds available. Certified weighbridge on site.